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VLA’s Piano classes are conducted by experienced pianists who meet ABRSM standards who help potential musical talents of all ages develop a strong understanding of music & keen piano skills to tap into their musical pros with passion, confidence and flair for ABRSM Testing or just for the pleasure of being able to play your favorite piece

About Us

Victory Learning Academy is a piano class provider for many parents and students all over Malaysia. We give high level of importance to musical performance in Malaysia and we truly care and believe that all children can learn the skill and each kid through their creativity and virtuosity, can communicate their unique perspectives and ideas, challenging norms and sparking societal change

Here's What Our Students Master

  • Basic Keyboard Understanding: Learn the piano layout, keys, and octaves to identify notes and their positions accurately.
  • Hand and Finger Technique: Develop hand posture and finger strength to execute precise, controlled playing, minimizing strain.
  • Music Theory Mastery: Study note reading, rhythm, time signatures, and key signatures to interpret and perform sheet music effectively.
  • Repertoire Expansion: Progress from simpler to complex pieces in various styles, enhancing musical diversity and understanding.
  • Ear Training: Develop a musical ear to recognize melodies, harmonies, and chords, aiding in playing by ear and improvisation.
  • Regular Practice: Consistent practice sessions are fundamental for muscle memory, technique improvement, and overall skill advancement.
  • Expressive Playing: Understand the emotional nuances within a piece and convey them through interpretation, infusing music with feeling and artistry.
  • Performance and Sharing: Gain confidence by participating in recitals and sharing music with others, fostering stage presence and musical expression.

What are our teachers' Teaching Approach?

  • Traditional Classical Instruction: Focus on classical music, technique, and structured curriculum with an emphasis on reading sheet music.
  • Suzuki Method: Learn by ear and imitation, starting with listening to pieces before playing, with parent involvement.
  • Contemporary and Popular Music: Concentrate on modern, popular songs, often involving chords, improvisation, and playing by ear.
  • Orff-Schulwerk Approach: Combine piano instruction with creative music education, encompassing singing, dancing, and rhythm activities.
  • Online and Self-Directed Learning: Utilize online resources, tutorials, and apps for flexible, self-paced learning with diverse music styles.

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Our Vision

"It is impossible for a student to learn without the right teachers"

We believe that students are able to perform and score the best with the guidance from proper teachers in order to make them understand and grasps the subject. And that is what we strive for in Victory Learning Academy by providing quality teachers for our students.

Teacher’s Profile:
Taranee Vigpillai is a dedicated ABRSM standard music teacher (Beginners to Grade 8), who started igniting the musical passion of others through teaching in 2019. Her fresh and compassionate approach to music allows budding musicians to learn in a challenging yet comfortable pace to encourage their love for music through the trials and errors of practice.

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