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Physical Group Tuition

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  • Small group class of 5 students (not 15-30 students)
  • Interaction with students in Problem Solving as a Group 
  • Guidance Towards Success

Online Group Tuition

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  • Group Coaching
  • Interaction with students in Problem Solving as a Group 
  • Guidance Towards Success

One to One Tuition

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  • Private Coaching with teachers/tutors
  • Personalized Learning
  • Guidance Towards Success

Piano Class

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  • Learning the basics of the musical instruments well
  • Playing with proper technique
  • Personalized Learning
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We provide 6 types:

  1. Group Tuition:
    • Physical Group Tuition: This group is limited to 5 student in a group at Pusat Bandar Puchong or Bandar 16 Sierra.
    • Online Group Tuition:
      1. Group limited to 5 students
      2. Group limited to 8 students
  2. One to One
    • Home Tuition: Teachers will come to your locations for the classes
    • Online Tuition: Teacher will conduct classes via Google Meet, Zoom or other applications
  3. Physical Piano Classes: We provide 1-1 piano class at Pusat Bandar Puchong.
  1. Group:
    • Fees are fixed as per the VLA’s Pricing. Fees is not negotiable for this type of class.
  2. One to One:
    • Fees are calculated based on the per hour rate, number of subjects and the duration of per class.

Refer Here for the pricing information. 

Yes you may.

Please take note on these details for the classes

  1. Teachers: It will be a different teacher for each subject
  2. Time: The timing for the classes are set for a group classes. However for One to One classes, it will be up to the student’s preference
  3. Duration: The duration of each classes are fixed according to level for the group classes. However for One to One it will be up to the student’s preference
  1. One to One:
    • We provide a 30 mins free trial class for the teacher to assess the student’s level and to see if the student is comfortable with the teacher.
  2. Group:
    • There are no free trial for group classes. However, a minimum commitment for the group class will be 1 month. After 1 month you can choose to continue or discontinue.

Yes, there will be:

  1. A registration fee of RM20 per student.

In addition, there would be charges such as books fees if needed by the teacher, but usually this is a one-time minimum cost.

Yes, The classes could be terminated due to these reasons:

  1. Unsuitable teacher
  2. Student is unable to follow the lesson

VLA and the teacher shall be given 2 week prior notice before the termination date by the parents.

For one to one classes; VLA will be able to replace the teacher with another suitable teacher or discontinue the class after notice period.