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  1. Join us by registering your details in the button beside
  2.  If the form is unable to be accessed, please WhatsApp us. 
  3. Provide as much details as possible so that we are able to filter out your profile for the suitable tuition jobs for you
  4. Once submitting your details you will be redirected to join our WhatsApp Group where you will get the latest opening updates. 

All information are kept and controlled under VLA’s Privacy Policy

  1. We open our latest job openings in our Facebook page or WhatsApp group
  2. You can send the job opening to us privately via WhatsApp and state you interest to apply. 
  3. After applying, we will update you if you are chosen for the job. 
  1. Kindly download the timesheet to be submitted HERE
  2. Please fill in the details correctly 
  3. Once you have filled in. Please submit the timesheet to us HERE
  4. Payment will be credited to the stated account in the timesheet within 7 days of the starting of the month
  1. Tutors are allowed to make adjustment limited to: Time, Start Date, No of classes per week and Duration
  2. Tutors are not allowed to make any adjustments to the Tuition Rate and Location

All adjustments should be made with the consent from the Parent/Students and shall be inform the VLA within 48 hours after the confirmation

All cancelled classes should be replaced within 4 upcoming weeks from the date of cancellation