Terms & Conditions

Terms for Tutors

Tuition@VLC is a licensed tuition agency that provides parents/students/tutees with private home tutors. We are a registered company with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)(PG0184750-M) under Victory Learning Centre. The word “client” refers to parents, students and tutees who requested for a tutor or tutoring service whereas “Tutor” refers to tutors who will be providing the tutoring services.

Upon registering as a tutor for Tuition@VLC or upon payment of commission, tutors are expected to have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions as set by this policy and is to be subjected to these policies for the commission payment, refund of commission upon accepting of contract from client.

Please read and agree to the terms and conditions below.


  1. A Malaysian citizen with valid identification card
  2. 18 years old and above
  3. Minimum qualifications with a diploma/degree or equivalent


All contents, such as text, photographs, and certificates, are sole responsibility of the tutor from which all of them originated. Therefore, the tutor is responsible for all the contents posted, uploaded, and emailed or made available via Tuition@VLC’s website. Tutor is responsible to ensure that all information provided, and credentials uploaded are accurate and truthful.

Tutors who provide fake information and credential will have the following actions taken:

  1. To be blacklisted from Tuition@VLC’s database
  2. To be taken legal action from our legal team
  3. Tutor’s contact details will be released to partner agencies

Clients have the rights to verify the tutor’s credentials and request for documents as proof prior to the first class. Tutors are required to bring and present their NRIC and relevant certificates requested by the clients on the first class.


Tuition@VLC cannot guarantee that tutors will be selected for the tuition job even after they have applied. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by the coordinator.

Before accepting a tuition job, it is the tutor’s responsibility to make sure that he/she is able to fully commit to the job according to the job’s description: location, subjects, level of students, rate, duration, frequency, schedules, and other requirements.



Tuition@VLC will deduct 50% the commission payment from your first 4 weeks of total agreed tuition fees. In order to receive payment, tutors will have to submit their timesheet for the completed classes for the 4 weeks of classes. All payments will be collected at the end of the month from the clients and will be paid to the tutors by the 7th of every calendar month as long as the tuition class goes on with VLC.

However in such cases, where the 4 week falls under different calendar month, the fees payment to the tutors will be as per below:

  1. So the 50% will be divided into 4 weeks (12.5% per week)
  2. For example: Agreed fees amount of RM100/mth, 4 classes per month, the deduction will be as below:
    • 1 week of class in Month A: RM25 (1 class) – RM12.50 (12.5% of RM100) = RM12.50
    • 4 weeks of class in Month B: RM100 (4 classes) – RM37.50 (37.5% of RM100) = RM62.50
    • Month C onwards: RM100/mth
  1. Tutors are not allowed to discuss on fees or implement any agreements with clients during this period
  2. If tutor cancels the tuition before the completion of 4 weeks of classes, RM50 will be charges as a penalty
  1. Please inform Victory Learning Centre on the discussed and decided start date
  2. Any cancellation of class must be informed 24 hours before the class to Victory Learning Centre and parents/student.
  3. Every unsuccessful trial class must be informed to Victory Learning Centre


Tuition@VLC will display information of age, gender, and race preference on our assignment details. This is to display the most accurate requests from the clients. By signing up as a tutor, you agree to accept that you may be receiving advertisements of assignment with specific requests. You may unsubscribe from Tuition@VLC if you feel uncomfortable.



Tuition@VLC acts as a 3rd party in the process of the matching services. In no event shall Tuition@VLC, the director and the employees be liable for any damages or physical harm inflicted whatsoever (including, but not limited to, theft, damages to property, physical/verbal abuse, outrage of modesty, sexual harassment, etc) to either of the involved parties.

Tuition@VLC does not guarantee the improvement of student’s grades, the timeliness of payment from clients and the positive attitude of clients.

Tuition@VLC reserves the right to amend our T&C at any time without prior notice to our tutors.